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Meet our team

Lyngaa Marine was taken over in 2008 by marine engineer and former naval officer, Per Christiansen.

At that time the company primarily targeted shipping companies as well as companies in the maritime industry.

The road from a blacksmith company – with trading as a sideline business happened when a long-time customer had a couple of ships that needed a new propulsion control system. The first system was delivered to Sundbusserne in 2013 and after a slow start, where it was difficult for a small company to break through in a market dominated by major international players, the first systems began to be delivered in 2017.

In the following years, revenue grew steadily and in 2021 more than 120 systems were delivered.

The program today includes the following systems:

  • LMB2100 & 2101 propulsion control
  • LMA2100 alarm & monitoring
  • LMT2100 thruster control
  • LMR2100 rudder control
  • LMPM2100 power management
  • LMDP2100 Dynamic Positioning
  • LM-Flow

and a broader range of special solutions. In addition, water makers from Parker, maritime electronics from Maretron and various propeller systems are sold.

Most recently, Lyngaa Marine has received major orders for extensive integrated system for fish transport vessels, crew transfer vessels, ferries, fishing vessels, research vessels and the largest SAR boat to date for the norwegian rescue company—Redningsselskapet.


Henrik Worm

Head of project management

Kasper Bendtsen

head of development department

Jacob Kahr

head of production and service department

How our propulsion systems comes alive

Lyngaa Marine – Adress – Topstykket 27, 3460 Birkerød