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Dynamic Positioning System

The Lyngaa Marine DP0 system is designed for easy maneuvering – in dock or on open water. The system includes a joystick control panel. At docking speed, the system keeps the ships orientation while maneuvering. At higher speed the joystick can be used to control the pitch of the main propeller(s) and rudder(s). The system has a Hold Position mode, where it will keep its current position, and an anchor mode where it will hold its current position but turn the ship so that the bow will always be against the wind.

Dynamic Positioning System


Rudder Control

The LMR2100 is our rudder control system. The LMR2100 can control the vessels steering machines. Amongst the main features are: Synchronizing of rudders, monitoring of rudder position, start of stand-by pumps, emergency control, autopilot signal intake, and DP signal intake.


Thruster Control

The LMT 2100 is Lyngaa Marine’s thruster control system.
The system communicates with both diesel, electric, and hydraulic
thrusters. The LMT2100 can be delivered as a stand-alone system, but
it can also be intergrated in the LMB2100 series.
LMT2100 is approved by all major marine classification societies.



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