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Our Alarm, Monitoring & Control System


The LMA2100 alarm & monitoring system is the most flexible and affordable monitoring, alarm, and control system that the marine industry has seen to date. The LMA2100 is build on the same software architecture as the LMB2100 and LMB2101 systems. It is therefore possible to extend both the LMB systems with an alarm section, which is driven by the LMB computer. This solution is extremely affordable and is well suited to vessels, which requires up to approximately 50 alarm channels.


The main features are:

  • – Affordable
  • – Same software architecture as the LMB2100 family
  • – Build from standard components
  • – Easy to configure
  • – MCS approved hardware & software
  • – Remote access via internet
  • – Efficient support via phone and internet
  • – Programmable via PC or the build in display(s)
  • – Flexible/customizable

The LMA2100 offers access through displays of all sizes and the displays can be placed in any compartment of the vessel. The system can be extended with extra channels and the yard or the ship’s crew can easily configure new alarms and create new layouts.

The LMA2100 facilitates the opportunity to control and operate many processes i.e., valve operation, start/stop of pumps, start/stop of engines, tank management and many other processes from the huge library of functions. Also, intelligent communication with alternator synchronizers, refrigeration plants, navigation lights, stand-by equipment, automatic filling of day tanks, operation of trim systems, full power management, and much more is possible.

LMA2100 is approved by all major marine classification societies.


Power Management

The system monitors and controls all electric power production in the vessel.

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