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LMB2100 Dual

The LMB2100 Dual has been delivered in large numbers to multi engine vessels such as crew transfer vessels, aqua culture vessels, SAR vessels, and ferries. The LMB2100 is well suited for such installations, and is available for CPP, reverse gear, water jets, and for hybrid solutions.


LMB2100 Electrical Propulsion

The 2100 Electric Propulsion is intended for electrical propulsion and hybrid solutions. The system features all the same functions as the LMB2100 but is prepared to communicate with frequency converters and battery packages.


LMB2100 WaterJet

The LMB2100 Water Jet is developed for controlling of water jets. The core of this variant is still the LMB2100 and posses all the same attributes.


LMB2100 Reverse Gear

The LMB2100 Reverse Gear is developed for reverse gear systems. The core is still the popular LMB 2100 system and with the same well proven performance.

The LMB2120RG features adjustable engine acceleration, adjustable maximum engine speed for clutching the propeller in, and free running of engines are standard scope.


LMB2100 Azimuth

The LMB2100 Azimuth is developed for ships equipped with azimuth thrusters. This can be used for control of azimuth thrusters as main propulsion or control of retractable azimuth in the bow of the vessel.


LMB2130 Azimuth Master

LMB2100 Double Ender

The LMB2100 Double ender system is specially developed for RORO double ender ferries, with propeller in each end of the vessel.


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