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Energizer - Northern Offshore

After having developed the LMB2100 propulsion control and the LMA2100 monitoring, alarm, and control systems based on the same software and hardware architecture, Lyngaa Marine set out on new quests – to integrate all major systems of a vessels propulsion, steering, and power management. Subsequently, the firm set out to find customers that would take this next step together with Lyngaa Marine. The search was not long. An long standing customer Northern Offshore Services (NOS) of Gothenburg in Sweden was so satisfied with not only the products but also the flexibility and competences that Lyngaa Marine has offered to NOS over time, that the company did not hesitate to accept Lyngaa Marines bid for a new integrated ships control system for their new buildings at the Grovfjord Mekaniske ship yard in Troms in Norway.

The integrated LM2100 systems also takes control over most of the vessels functions such as: Propulsion controls, rudder controls, thruster controls, navigation lights, pumps and tank management. Since the first project for NOS, Lyngaa Marine ventured further and has sold similar systems for the newest live fish carriers for the Norwegian company Frøy Rederi AS, and a new Norwegian SAR vessel for Redningsselskapet that is being constructed at Swede Ship on Tjörn.

“We are pleased with the ongoing work with Lyngaa to be able to build a system to suit our needs. It makes it possible for us to have a flexible solution moving towards CO2 free operations.”


Martin Landström, COO, Northern Offshore Services.

Lyngaa Marine – Topstykket 27 – 3460 Birkerød

+45 3990 4090

Consequently, Lyngaa Marine was invited to inspect the problem and, subsequently, was invited to create a proposal for a new propulsion control system.