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Mikkel Louise, Vestværftet

During the planning of the 2020 delivered trawler RI 344 “Mikkel Louise” the Vestværftet in Hvide Sande was looking for a propulsion control system that offered certain control features such as, main engine overload protection, controlled in-clutching of PTOs, more than one combinator mode, and fuel measurement. The focus was soon turned to Lyngaa Marine, which was the only relevant player in the marketplace that could deliver a system that fulfilled all the requirements and at the same time was affordable. The system was installed 2019 and it was the beginning of a long and fruitful collaboration with Vestværftet. The owner, Mr. Torben Johansen, is intending to install a LMB2100 in his latest new building, a shrimper that is scheduled for delivery from the Vestværftet in 2022.

Lyngaa Marine – Topstykket 27 – 3460 Birkerød

+45 3990 4090

Consequently, Lyngaa Marine was invited to inspect the problem and, subsequently, was invited to create a proposal for a new propulsion control system.