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When the new trawler “Nesejenta” was on the drawing board at Vestværftet in Hvide Sande, the very positive experiences from the 2020 delivery of the Hvide Sande registered trawler RI344 “Mikkel Louise”, which is equipped with a 3-positions LMB2100 propulsion control system, was decisive. The new “Nesejenta” was equipped with a 4-positions LMB2100 system, which has fulfilled the expectations to such a degree that the owner, Mr. Kjetil Nesebuen, has decided to replace the propulsion control system on his other vessel with a LMB2100 system


”The first impression of the LMB2100 system was that the system was very easy to understand and operate. All functions were quickly understood by all the relevant crew members, and we have experienced a trouble-free operation so far. But it is also worthwhile to mention the safety features such as automatic overload protection of the main engine and the PTO in-coupling feature, which prevent the user from coupling PTOs in before the main engine has reduced the speed to an allowable level ”


Mr. Kjetil

Lyngaa Marine – Adress – Rugmarken 9b, 3520 Farum

+45 3990 4090

Consequently, Lyngaa Marine was invited to inspect the problem and, subsequently, was invited to create a proposal for a new propulsion control system.