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Our Propulsion Control Systems


The LMB2100 propulsion control system is Lyngaa Marine’s bid on the marine classification society approved propulsion control system, which meets with even the most comprehensive demands from the marketplace. The system is designed around a selection of first-class standard hardware components, which assures the reliability and durability of the system as well as easy and quick access to spare parts.

The system offers communication with engine, gearbox, propeller, or waterjet. The 7” color display gives the user information about all vital data such as: speed, pressures, and temperatures from the entire drive line as well as pitch or rotation direction of the propeller.

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The LMB2101Basic Propulsion Control System was created specifically to smaller, unclassed work boats. The idea was to meet the requirements from the marketplace to offer a “no-nonsense” system that should be simple, reliable, and not the least affordable. Thus, the LMB2101Basic was created as a narrowed down version of the LMB2100 system. The LMB2101Basic offers the same basic features as the LMB2100, however, the communication between the system and the user is based on the use of a PC instead of the touch displays that the LMB2100 features. The LMB2101 is built from “off-the-shelve” standard components that are well proven and accepted by users worldwide for their ruggedness and durability. The system is not class approved but all hardware and software used in the LMB2101Basic are approved by all major marine classification societies. This ensures that National Marine Authorities (NMA) will approve the LMB2101Basic system. The LMB2101Basic system communicates with all known engines, gear boxes, propellers, and water jets.  

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